Healthy Swaps for Thanksgiving

Vegan, Gluten Free Pumpkin Pie Cookies

It’s that time of the week: The Fit Dish link up! This week’s topic: Healthy Swaps for the Holidays.

Let’s be real. The holidays are when we all indulge (a little, a lot).

Thanksgiving is quite possibly my favorite day of the year. First and foremost, I love cooking. Next, I love hosting. I love decorating and making cute signs for my dishes. I love filling up cups of bubbly and watching my friends and family mingle, enjoy football and the Thanksgiving parade. It seriously fills up my cup so much.


When it comes to healthy swaps, I have to say…I don’t subscribe to those on Thanksgiving.

Wow. It feels good to admit that.

I spend a lot of time in my everyday life thinking about healthier things I can eat. I skip pasta for zucchini. I pass on rice for a big bowl of broccoli. Thanksgiving is one of the few times per year when it feels good to say “Yes, I’ll have a second glass of bubbly. And please pass the mashed potatoes.”


A few weeks ago I considered making cauli-mash this Thanksgiving because I supremely love it. But then I realized if I did that, I would probably never get the chance to make/try the recipe I found in Sunset Magazine for whipped THREE ONION potatoes. Thanksgiving is THE DAY for triple onion whipped mashed potatoes. [Read more...]

Guilt Free Glam: Shower Favorites

As a self proclaimed natural beauty expert, I have a lot of opinions on products. This is probably because I’ve tried nearly every product Whole Foods sells. On top of being poor because I compulsively buy beauty products “just because,” I’ve also got a pretty good handle on ingredient lists. I rely heavily on the Environmental Working Group’s rating scale, which is provided online in the Skin Deep database.  This tool helps me make those tough decisions: scented or unscented?

Every girl needs some guilt free glam in her life and especially in her shower; here’s a list of my current beauty faves:


Method Moisturizing Body Wash

Method makes some of my favorite hand soaps and when I was in a pinch needing body wash but not willing to trek to Whole Foods, I picked this one up at my local Target. It smells great and lathers on nicely. It doesn’t leave my skin dry and I love that the fragrance lingers after my shower. That being said if you’re a fragrance free kind of girl, skip this one. The scent can be strong. I am currently loving the seasonal White Cranberry and super bummed that I missed out on the summer seasonal that smelled liked cupcakes. Who doesn’t want to leave the shower smelling like cupcakes?

EWG Score: 5; the most offensive ingredient is the added fragrance


Giovanni 50:50 Balanced Shampoo [Read more...]

Meal Planning and my Buddy Lou

Hello Chicago

Remember that time I got really bad at meal planning? Oh you don’t? It was right around Halloween and kept going until right meow.

I traveled to Chicago at the end of the last week and prior to that I just didn’t do very much. I’ll be the first to admit that I have lost some of my meal planning game. But, I’m back on it. I swear.

You guys keep me accountable.

Chicago was so cold. Like so, so, so COLD. I woke up for my flight on Sunday morning and almost cried I was so cold. I also only slept 45 minutes so that might have played a role in my irrational reaction to the cold. But really. It was cold.

Monday: Fried Eggs and Broccoli; Matt made meatloaf on Sunday night and had leftovers.

Happy Birthday J!

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The Dreamer and The Realist


Generally this blog is reserved for health and wellness musing, but sometimes, it isn’t.

In every relationship you’ll find two people: The Dream & The Realist

The Dreamer is the one who believes anything is possible. The Dreamer gazes off into the distance, always ready for the next adventure and the excitement it will bring. And while The Dreamer enjoys the comforts that responsibility brings: a house, a car and good food to eat. The Dreamer doesn’t always understand why those things come at the expense of living out one’s passion for change, adventure and fineries.

The Realist stays firmly planted on the ground. The Realist knows that adventure can be fun but practicality is the key to success. The comforts and safety of a good life are ensured by the ability of The Realist to withstand the pressures and demands that come with loving The Dreamer. The Realist doesn’t always understand how to let go of safety to explore the waiting world.

The Realist and The Dreamer exist side by side. There are days when The Dreamer wishes to fly away and The Realist wonders how one came to be so impractical. They struggle in finding their balance, but they are, in fact, better together. Every Dreamer needs to touch the ground and every Realist deserves to see the clouds. In the end, they survive with one foot planted firmly and one hand reaching for the sky.

The Wanderer


The Fit Dish


Does your mind wander?

This week’s Fish Dish link up asks this very question. Where does your mind go when you’re working out? Do you focus on one thing or are you wondering about lots of different things?

It’s hard to say exactly where my mind goes. I’ve given up listening to music while I exercise because it takes away from the experience. Working out can be incredibly meditative but I find that I focus on the music rather than my thoughts. It’s good to be alone with ones thoughts.

I don’t subscribe to this mentality while running a race; those require good tunes to maintain pace and energy.


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