The 3 Best Trainers on Instagram

Sweaty LifeMy friend Jenny is really, really good at throwing together a home work out (me, not so much). She finds a lot of inspiration on Instagram and often tags me in the good (or funny) stuff. The thing you have to know about Jenny is that she does A LOT. And she still works out. She’s a full time mommy, wife, and professional. She’s basically supermom. So cheers to you Jenny! I truly find inspiration in the way you do it all.

Jenny’s been a catalyst in opening my eyes to the wonderful fitness world on Instagram. Instagram is FULL of fitness professionals basically giving you awesome advice for free. It’s a good place to find inspiration for your next workout, and while it doesn’t replace actually having a trainer, it can help you mix up a routine and try something new. Here are my favorite Trainers on Instagram:

1. @KettlebellKickboxing

Kettlebell Kickboxing by developed by Martial Artist Dasha Libin Anderson. The exercises on this feed are low impact, efficient and will definitely challenge you. If you don’t know what I mean, take a look at the lean leg sequence above (amazing!). Dasha shares these words on her website: 

“Free of inhibition. Driven by innovation. Inspired by life.”

  2. @GinaAliotti



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Jenny recommended Gina, and I have to agree that she’s pretty awesome. [Read more…]

Earth Day

Earth Day

Happy Earth Day, friends! I’ve basically had to remind everyone that today is the best day of the year: Earth Day. I told my coworkers its my favorite holiday, but that might be stretch. Earth Day is always a good day to stop and use a glass water bottle or skip the plastic grocery bag in favor of a reusable tote. The Earth is under going some serious changes (whether or not you believe in climate change) and it’s time to think about the ways that we can minimize our impact on the planet.

[If you want to see a crazy/interesting/almost scary view of what the world could be like, watch Interstellar. Amazing]

Way back when H&M released their Eco-Conscious line, I wrote a piece about the price of fast fashion. I have to say that writing that article really opened my eyes to the impact that clothing has on the world and on the environment. So much of the clothing worn in the U.S. is produced overseas and travels thousands of miles to reach the consumer. The impact of a purchase from a store like Forever 21 or H&M spans continents.

The research that went into that article opened my eyes to a lot. As a result, I’m always buying things second hand rather than contributing waste created annually by clothing. The average American throws away 70 pounds of clothing and other textiles every year.


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Simple Ways to Recharge

Most of us power through life full speed ahead. We work hard, we play hard; and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I like to think that if I work hard (and I do) that means I deserve a good break every now and again.

For me, taking the time to recharge makes me my best self. Without it, I can’t put 110% forward. I love weekends. Even when they’re busy, they’re usually full of “me time” and so when I sit down on Sunday night to get ready for a long week ahead, I feel content and ready for the work week. If I didn’t have weekends, I would be a sad, sad person.

Everyone recharges differently, but if I had to pick the three ways I’m taking care of myself, it would be the following:


  1. Gardening

While working in the yard can be brutal in this Florida heat, it’s also very meditative and in some ways, relaxing. Very little talking takes place while pulling weeds and tending to the veggie plants which makes it a nice way to get out of the “go, go, go” of life and into a quieter, reflective space. I’ve found that [Read more…]

Kale, Cucumber and Watermelon Salad

Happy Monday! I hope you had an awesome weekend. My weekend flew by way too fast, per usual. Friday night, Matt headed to Ocala to visit his dad and I stayed home with the pups and HGTV. I literally did nothing. It was amazing. I went to bed around 11pm in anticipation of a Disney date with my girlfriends. We purchased 3-day passes in February so this was Disney Day #2 and this time we went to Hollywood Studios.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

My friends are experts at using the Fast Pass system at Disney so we rode every ride we wanted to without having to wait. We even hopped on Star Tours a couple of times because the wait without a Fast Pass was so short – I have no idea why, it was one of my favorite rides! We had lunch at The Hollywood Brown Derby, which is modeled after the real Hollywood version by the same name. The focal point of the restaurant is a beautiful bar and the walls are covered with caricatures of celebrities. We had to order the Cobb Salad because this is where it was invited. It didn’t disappoint! 

The Brown Derby

After lunch and a few more rides, we called it a day. I spent the evening at home with Matt and we finally watched the movie Wild. I read the book earlier this year and I was so inspired by it. I told Matt I wanted to hike the PCT. I don’t think he believed me. I thought the book was MUCH better than the movie, but I’m more of a book person, so I wasn’t surprised by this. 

Sunday morning and afternoon were spent working on our yard. I wonder if you guys are tired of hearing me talk about our yard? It’s seriously a never ending project. I spent most of the morning working [Read more…]

How to: Improve Digestive Health

4 R's Digestive HealthAs we move into Spring its important to remove clutter. And in my head, that includes removing clutter from your body. One of the best ways to improve your overall health is by supporting your digestive tract. Digestive health impacts a number of body systems; your gut is the gateway for fuel to reach the rest of your body, so that actually makes a lot of sense. More importantly, a healthy digestive tract and regular bowel movements have been shown to improve self-esteem; healthy poops are important (yes, I said poop). 

My favorite tactic for restoring digestive health comes from the Institute of Functional Medicine and Dr. Jeffrey Bland. Dr. Bland’s protocol is known as the “4 R’s.”

The 4 R’s:

Remove Phase: This phase involves the removal of allergy producing foods and bacteria. For most individuals, the most common allergens are grains containing gluten, soy and diary. A low allergy diet focuses on rice based products, legumes, fruits, vegetables, fish and poultry. It’s also important to address bad gut bacteria. Your digestive tract can easily become over run with bad bacteria. 

Unfriendly bacteria are known to produce toxins, metabolic by-products and inflammatory molecules which can not only have a negative impact on digestion but also on cognitive function, mood, immunity and more.

The Fix: A short course of Gaia Herbs Oil of Oregano and Amazing Grass Greens Powder

Replace Phase: Digestive enzymes are the catalysts to breaking down your food so you can absorb the nutrients you need. The best indication of needing digestive enzymes is if you experience bloating, gas or reflux after a meal; seeing undigested food in your stool is another sign (so look at your poop). 

The Fix: Klaire Labs Vital-Zymes

Reinoculate Phase: Reinoculating refers to bringing back good bacteria. Probiotics will not only boost your digestion, they’ll also boost your immune system and support [Read more…]