DIY Shimmering Body Oil

DIY Shimmering Body Oil || Found on Simple Medicine

The summer months are the best time of year to bare some skin. Being in Florida, this means many months of shorts, skirts and dresses – sorry, Northern friends! I have always had an appreciation for body oils because I find them to be deeply moisturizing. Almond Oil is among my favorites because it works quickly to soften, soothe and recondition skin. One way to add some glamour to a summer outfit is by using a shimmery oil on your legs. It’s a easy way to make your legs look healthy and sun kissed. Michael Kors Leg Shine is a comprable product, but it scores a 6 in the EWG’s Skin Deep databased. Skip the chemicals and make your own version using simple ingredients.

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The Scientific Seven Minute Workout

7 Minute Workout || Found on Simple Medicine

We’ve already talked about how exercising daily can be quite the struggle for me. Between my full work day, commuting and the afternoon rain storms it feels nearly impossible to get in a good workout. I hardly have enough time to make dinner most nights, let alone take a trip to the gym and spend 45-60 minutes on a treadmill or trying to figure out what weights to lift. I sometimes wonder if I’m the only one who wanders awkwardly through the machines unsure of where to start. (I’m not the only one, right?)

Traditional exercise protocols tell us that we should be engaging in 150 minutes of aerobic exercise weekly and including resistance training a minimum of three times per week. What this adds up to is a lot of time at the gym, on the running trail or with the weights. And while we know that these recommendations are effective, we also know that now, more than ever, many adults are simply too busy to find the time to fit in a steady, regular workout routine. Factoring in the time it takes to get to the gym, get on the machines and get your heart rate up makes it even less attainable for some.  [Read more...]

Mother Nature and Hydrotherapy

Manatee Springs||Simple Medicine

In this post last week, I shared that I would be camping over the weekend with my best friend. We had a great time! Our trip primarily revolved around eating; Jenny’s husband is basically a gourmet chef and made us some pretty incredible meals. In close second to all the eating was the beautiful natural spring on site. We took nightly walks to the water and spent some time canoeing and swimming during the day. Did you know that Florida is home to more than 900 fresh springs? All of which have a cool temperature around 72 degrees.

I’ve been visiting the natural springs of Florida since I was a little kid. I have vivid memories of renting giant inner tubes to float down Mother Nature’s lazy river. As a child the cool water didn’t really bother me; this time it look me 15 minutes to actually jump in and submerge myself because it was so darn cold (in the end it was totally worth it). There is nothing more refreshing than hydrotherapy on a hot summer day.

Best Friends

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