Clean-Up Your Skin Care Routine

Short Hair Selfies

Happy Tuesday!

Are you feeling beautiful today? The obvious answer is yes because:

  1. You drank a Prana Smoothie this morning.
  2. It’s Tues-yay!
  3. When I add –yay to the end of words it makes you feel pretty.

If you’re not feeling 100% as beautiful as you’d like to feel at this very moment, pull up a chair and slap on your favorite face mask. I’m giving you a round up of my favorite DIY guilt free glam recipes.

Conventional beauty products are chock full of chemicals and bad for you ingredients. In America, we’re so lax on our manufacturing processes that a lot of the products sold here contain ingredients that are banned by the European Union. Why are they banned? Because the ingredients used in our beauty supply are known carcinogens, toxic heavy metals or because they are in products tested on animals. Learn as much as you can here.

As a result of all of this scary, scary stuff, I do my best to skip the toxic lotions, face washes and make-up (except mascara because that’s my vice). Let me help you clean up your skin care routine with a few of the basics:

Scared to ditch the Clean & Clear?

EWG Rating: 9/10 

DIY 2 Ingredient Face Wash || On Simple Medicine

Don’t be! Facial cleansing is a lot simpler than society lets on. [Read more…]

Prana Smoothie + Yoga Outdoors

Prana Smoothie // Simple Medicine

Orlando is known as “The City Beautiful” and at the center of the downtown district, you find Lake Eola. Lake Eola has been one of my favorite places in Orlando for years. It’s a round-ish lake, circled by a nearly mile long path and a greenish blue fountain as its centerpiece. The park is always alive with festivals, concerts, plays, farmer’s markets and more. There are art installations around the lake and the resident geese that greet all of the visitors. On Sunday I found one of the best, best, best things about Lake Eola: Yoga in the Park.

Prana Smoothie // Simple Medicine

Yoga in the Park has been on my “to-do” list for months. Yesterday, Jenny and I finally made it. It was so worth the wait.

It was so much better than I could have ever expected. Our teacher started the class with gentle stretching. With each pose and each breath, I felt the tension in my body start to melt away. He told us to be kind to our bodies and embrace ourselves the way we would a loved one who needed a hug. We stood under the shade of a giant oak tree that kept the sun off our backs as our instructor guided us through an hour of yoga. There was an uncharacteristically cool breeze that carried us through the 90+ degree heat. We took deep gulps of fresh air and I felt the park pulse with the collective energy of 100-ish yogis.

As we laid on our mats in savasana, on a bed of wood chips, my eyes focused on a canopy of leaves above my head. It was electrifying. I felt connected, and not to my cell phone, to my inner self.  I walked out of the park knowing that I would do my best to be back next week, and the week after that.

Prana Smoothie // Simple Medicine

Prana is a Sanskrit word that describes the energy that makes up life. Every day, you should do something to feed your prana, or your life force. Doing yoga feeds my soul and makes my body stronger. It challenges me and it shifts my perspective. I rewarded my body’s hard work with my favorite smoothie, a take on the aptly named prana smoothie from The Juicery. [Read more…]

BBQ Baby Bellas and Spicy Arugula


Have you ever thought “wow, that weekend went by really slow”? No? Me neither. It’s usually the opposite. I blink and I have some how transported from Friday afternoon to Sunday evening. This weekend was no exception. 

Saturday was spent running errands and stopping into a birthday party for my friend Jenny’s son. Sunday was spent basking in the salt water and sun at New Smyrna Beach. Living in Florida has many perks but the beach life is quickly becoming my favorite. By Sunday evening Matt and I were ready for a cozy meal and to catch up on True Detective (if you’re watching, I’d love to know what you think of this season vs. last season). I started to get sleepy and ended up skipping out on TD. I’ll catch up this week. I’m working on listening to my body’s sleep cues. Normally, I can push through the first sleepy feelings that creeps up around 9pm. Lately, I’ve been more inclined to listen to my body and get into bed when I start to feel sleepy. It makes it easier to fall asleep. 

Post beach, I wanted something savory and light. BBQ baby bellas were the way to go. Lately, when I eat BBQ sauce I think of my friend Christine. It mostly reminds me of the delicious BBQ tofu she made me while we were in Maine. As a vegetarian, I tend to go for mushrooms over most meat substitutes or tofu. I enjoy the taste and texture of mushrooms, probably more than most people I know. I’m also obsessed with anything BBQ. Adding these bellas to a salad is a great way to enjoy a salad and still keep your Meatless Monday vows.  [Read more…]

Method Cleaner: Try This Thursday

I’m moderately obsessed with two things: puppies and cleaning products. I stock up on both the way most people stock up on school supplies (I also love school supplies, but that’s another topic for another day).

In case you’ve missed it, these are my girls:

My Dogs

And these are my other girls:

Method Cleaning Products

I’m totally in obsessed with Method and Mrs. Meyers. I’m a big fan of “green” cleaning products, especially ones that make my house smell awesome and don’t leave behind a chemical smell. I frequently purchase Method’s All Purpose Cleaner because it comes in fabulous scents (Favorites: Pink Grapefruit and Beach Sage), I also love the Eucalyptus Mint Bathroom Cleaner which leaves my bathroom smelling minty fresh. I’m also devoted to the Desert Lily body wash (which is sadly, a limited edition scent). The one thing I could not get behind, no matter how hard I tried, was the antibacterial bathroom cleaner in Spearmint. It honestly smells like cat pee to me.

Method WildflowersImagine my delight when I stopped by Target to restock on my cleaning supplies and I found that Method had released two new antibacterial cleaners! Naturally, I picked up both: Bamboo and Wildflower. [Read more…]

3 Ways to Change Your Life in 10 Minutes

If you had 10 minutes each day to fit in something healthy, what would you do? 10 minutes doesn’t sound like a lot, but when you use it wisely, it can change your day, your week, your month and maybe even your year. 

1. The 10 Minute De-Stress

10 Minute Yoga Workout

2. The 10 Minute Meal Prep


[Click Image for Link]

3. The 10 Minute Meditation:

10 Minute Meditation

I’m sharing as part of the Fit Dish link up with Jill and Jessica:

Fit Dish

Your turn: how can you change your day in just 10 minutes?