Kind Bars are #kindawesome

Remember when I told you I would post a new giveaway on Monday? It’s Tuesday. Oops.

I’ll get straight to the point.

Is there anything worse than the mid afternoon hunger that sneaks in between lunch and dinner? I think not. It’s probably the worst time of day because I want to eat something (anything) but I don’t want to ruin my dinner or gorge on something sugary.

My go to snack: Kind Bars!


I’ve been a Kind Bar eater for a few years now, they’re not only yummy but I can pronounce all the ingredients [win!]. I’ve started keeping a box of bars in my desk at work because they’re pretty perfect for not only my mid afternoon hunger, but also if I happen to skip breakfast and I need something to hold me over until lunch.

This summer Kind released new line of flavors: Strong + Kind. These bars are bold and savory and full of all kinds of good things. And since they’re #kindawesome, they’re giving YOU the chance to win your own sampling of all the new flavors!


Here’s what I thought of the new flavors…

Honey Smoked BBQ: SMOKEY. Seriously smokey. If you’re into that, this is your bar.

Hickory Smoked: Also smokey. Not my favorite.

Honey Mustard: Tangy, slightly sweet and definitely mustardy. Not bad.

Roasted Jalapeño: Strong jalapeño flavor. That’s pretty much all I gathered.

Thai Sweet Chili: FAVORITE of the bunch. Crunchy, slightly sweet and spicy.

The best part? Strong + Kind Bars are:

  • Packed with 10g of protein
  • Free of whey, soy and gluten
  • Non GMO
  • No MSG
  • Low in Sodium

Kind also released two new flavors in their Nuts + Spices line:

Caramel Almond + Sea Salt: Sweet and salty; very caramelly (is that a word?)

Dark Chocolate + Mocha Almond: Coffee and chocolate? YES, please. FAVORITE!


And now, it’s your turn! Enter to win by liking Simple Medicine on Facebook. If you’ve already liked the page, hit the +1 on the Rafflecopter Widget. Next, leave a comment. Hit the +1 followed by the green “I commented” button and let me know how you combat that mid afternoon hanger.

BONUS: Share your favorite Kind bar on Instagram with the hashtags #kindawesome and #simplemedicine. Hit the +3 if you do that option and you’ll get THREE entries!

Prize: One winner will receive a box containing all of the new flavors mentioned in his post!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And the WINNERS are…

First, thank you to everyone who entered! A big thank you to Kristen at Elastic by the Yard for furnishing such a fun giveaway!


The winners are…

  1. Christine B.

  2. Kimberley K.

  3. Bhumi P.


Email me via the contact form to claim your prize! You have until Sunday August 31, 2014 to get your address to me so EBTY can ship out your prize!


Thanks again for entering! The next giveaway will be posted Monday – and it’s a super delicious one!

Happy Friday!

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

#icebucketchallenge || on Simple Medicine

My news feed has been taken over by friends and family participating in the ALS #icebucketchallenge. I’m impressed by the sheer number of individuals who have stepped up and learned something about ALS, donated, or dumped a bucket of ice water on their heads in solidarity.  It’s really cool to see so many people rally for one cause.

I have not participated. Not because I don’t believe that ALS is an awful and fatal disease or because I’m against finding a cure. I didn’t participate because I donate time and money to organizations that are equally important. I look at this challenge as a way to encourage philanthropy in those who may not have considered giving before while providing coverage on a disease that many know very little about.

Across the globe, reactions to the ice bucket challenge are mixed. In India where water is scarce, a challenge like this one is not feasible. Instead, they created their own philanthropic version aimed at feeding the hungry: the Rice Bucket Challenge. Participants are encouraged to fill a bucket with ice and to donate it to a person in need. If you can’t find a person, donate to an organization that feeds the hungry. To date, nearly 9000 lbs of rice have been donated. Read more from NPR.

#icebucketchallenge || on Simple Medicine

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Routines and Meal Planning

Meal Planning ||On Simple Medicine

For the last year or so that we’ve lived in Orlando, my husband and I have had A LOT going on: moving, board exams, finding jobs,  finding a house, settling into our house, and getting married. In all of that we lost two important things: meal planning and routine.

When we first moved to Orlando we were living with my parents and my amazing mother made us dinner most nights of the week. We were so spoiled! When we moved into our house it was just a couple of months before the wedding and we were maxed out on energy, planning and even taking care of ourselves. Mostly we lost the time/energy/desire to meal plan and we suffered. Greatly.

There’s nothing more annoying than coming home from work, hangry and not having a plan for dinner. You play the awful “what do you want to eat” “I’ll eat whatever you want to eat” game and end up eating whatever you can find (cereal for dinner, anyone?). The problem gets worse when your lack of dinner planning leads to lack of lunch planning and you end up eating Kind bars for breakfast and lunch.

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