Routines and Meal Planning

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For the last year or so that we’ve lived in Orlando, my husband and I have had A LOT going on: moving, board exams, finding jobs,  finding a house, settling into our house, and getting married. In all of that we lost two important things: meal planning and routine.

When we first moved to Orlando we were living with my parents and my amazing mother made us dinner most nights of the week. We were so spoiled! When we moved into our house it was just a couple of months before the wedding and we were maxed out on energy, planning and even taking care of ourselves. Mostly we lost the time/energy/desire to meal plan and we suffered. Greatly.

There’s nothing more annoying than coming home from work, hangry and not having a plan for dinner. You play the awful “what do you want to eat” “I’ll eat whatever you want to eat” game and end up eating whatever you can find (cereal for dinner, anyone?). The problem gets worse when your lack of dinner planning leads to lack of lunch planning and you end up eating Kind bars for breakfast and lunch.

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Why we Crave Cupcakes

Food cravings are a daily struggle for many people. Do you ever wonder why you so strongly crave that piece of chocolate while your partner wants a bag of salty potato chips? A new study published in BioEssays blames the diversity of your gut bacteria for this.

The struggle to resist food cravings is a major proponent of unhealthy eating. The problem with unhealthy eating is that it leads to a multitude of health conditions including obesity, sleep apnea, diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Despite knowing how a poor diet can negatively impact health and wellness, eating patterns are often the most difficult changes to make. Research is suggesting that these deviations from a healthy diet and propensity for poor choices might have less to do with self  control and have more to do with our gut bacteria.

Gut Health

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You are a Winner

My husband is my best cheerleader. He works tirelessly to cheer me up and gives really great pep talks. I know he is this way with his students too and it makes me so proud that he chose to be an elementary school teacher.

I’ve been struggling through a lot of life woes as of late, but he’s always there to give me advice and to remind me that I am a winner. Even if I don’t feel like one.

I’m so lucky to have him in my life. He always believes in me.

Happy Thursday!

I am a Winner || On Simple Medicine p.s. If you look closely you can see the double rainbow…all the way!

DIY Hair Ties for Every Girl: Giveaway!

It seems like forever ago that I wrote a post on how to DIY those snazzy little Anthropologie Hair Ties:

DIY Hairbands

It’s easily my most popular post of all time (thanks Pinterest!).

It’s Monday, and nobody likes Monday. To make today better I’m going to give you something…

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