Sunshine Yellow

Anniversary Bouquet

Last week I took an unexpected hiatus from blogging and reading blogs. I didn’t expect to take a sudden break, but it just happened. My “spring break” of sorts gave me time to recharge and I’m back this week feeling ready to post again.

My weekend was full of exciting stuff. On Friday night I watched some NCAA March Madness basketball with my husband and father in law. I had planned to go to bed early but I didn’t end up in bed until around 11pm. Regardless, I woke up feeling refreshed on Saturday morning. It was a nice change from how I was feeling post-Vegas. It seriously took me almost a full week to recover! I guess that’s a good indicator that we had a great time.


It was cooler than it has been on Saturday morning so after brewing a carafe of coffee, I decided to go for a bike ride. I took my bike over to my favorite lake and through some of the neighborhoods around the lake. I rode for about 45 minutes, then headed home to make breakfast before my 11am client meeting. 

Garden Greens

Breakfast consisted of fresh picked greens from the garden, eggs and a slice of sourdough. It was so exciting/rewarding to cook with my first batch of homegrown greens! I’m looking forward to a season of freshly picked vegetables. 

Trader Joe's

After breakfast, I headed to my office to meet a client and made a run to Trader Joe’s. I try to make a monthly trip to TJ’s, since it’s not exactly close to home. I love that we finally have one in Central Florida. If you’ve been to TJ’s you know that they keep a beautiful selection of plants and flowers stocked by the front entry (in most stores); I saw a bunch of hydrangeas and ranunculus and I couldn’t resist buying both. Hydrangeas were our wedding flowers so [Read more…]

What Happens in Vegas…


…always get posted on Instagram.

Which means if you’re on Instagram, you got to see snipits of my awesome weekend in Vegas. I had such an amazing time with my best friend, Neepa. I felt like we packed so much into the weekend and still managed to relax. 

Lobby Bar

When we arrived in Vegas on Thursday night it was 3:00am EST. That didn’t stop us. We were in VEGAS! After a few wrong turns at MGM Grand, Neepa and I finally made it to our room. We did a quick outfit change and then beelined it to the lobby bar where we toasted to being reunited. We were joined by my husband and his group of friends and all 7 of us ended the night at the Black Jack table. I left up. I can’t say the same for everyone else.



The next morning, Neepa and I enjoyed our breakfast poolside. It was warm enough to enjoy being in the sun without getting too hot. We had a few poolside drinks and by mid afternoon we were ready to head in. We stopped at the MGM buffet and indulged in a lunch/dinner meal and then headed up to our room to get ready for the One Drop, One Night benefit with Cirque du Soleil and John Legend. The week before our trip I got an email from MGM Grand telling me about the show and we immediately purchased tickets. We spotted [Read more…]

Our Proposal Story: Part 2


I’ve made it to Vegas! There’s a 99% chance I’m laying by the pool, cocktail in hand #rightmeow. If you’re really curious, you can check instagram for confirmation of my whereabouts.  Also, Happy First Day of SPRING! 

The Proposal Story continues…When I left off yesterday, Matt had just slipped some bling on my ring finger. After an emotional, but exciting few moments alone we were surprised by Matt’s mom, dad, grandmother, sisters and brother! They came out from a hiding spot playing one of my favorite songs [Matt Nathanson, Come on Get Higher] and ready to toast us with champagne. 

Despite knowing there were close by, I had no idea they would be there to share the moment with us. It was really special. 

And then, when I really thought the moment couldn’t get better…We had a few more guests arrive:

My parents and my little sister!


This is when I really freaked out.

I couldn’t believe that Matt had orchestrated such a huge surprise. Having my parents fly to Michigan from Florida and keeping it a total and complete secret was absolutely incredible. I couldn’t believe that they were there to share such an amazing moment with us. This was the first time our parents and siblings had the opportunity to meet, so it made the occasion even more special. 

It turns out that Matt’s entire family found out about the proposal at the wedding in Detroit, and many of them had even seen the ring which was being held by Matt’s uncle for safe keeping. Instead of taking his mom out for a massage, Matt and his mom were at the airport picking up my parents and setting up the gazebo. It turns out everyone knew about the proposal [except me!]. Needless to say I was overwhelmed with the amount of love I felt. [Read more…]

Our Proposal Story: Part 1

Today is exciting in so many ways:

1. I leave for VEGAS tonight!

2. I get to share another part of the Matt and Pre Love Story (better known as #MattLovesPre amongst my friends and family. Also the official instagram hashtag.)

Last week when I shared the story of “How I Met My Husband,” I got so many wonderful comments. Thank you all for your sweet words! Today, you get the next installment: The Proposal.

For the majority of our relationship, I would say that I did most of the planning. And when I say most, I mean all. That being said you can imagine the insane amount of joy I felt when Matt executed a beautiful and perfectly planned proposal. 

The story of our proposal weekend starts in Detroit, Michigan. We traveled to the Mitten to attend the wedding of Matt’s cousin. We had planned our trip so that we could spend the weekend in the Detroit area for the wedding and then drive up to Northern Michigan to spend the remainder of the week with Matt’s mom. The wedding was an absolute blast! We had the most incredible time with Matt’s family.

Andrea's Reception

We headed up to Northern Michigan on Sunday and by the time we arrived on Sunday evening, Matt was seriously sick. Possibly the worst cold I have ever seen him come down with. This was unfortunate because he had planned to take his mom out for a massage the next day and to spend some quality mother/son time with her.

The next morning came and he woke up feeling slightly better so off he went with his mom. Matt’s sisters and I ran some errands, including a strategically planned trip to the nail salon where I enjoyed a quick color change [I had recently gotten a manicure]. [Read more…]

How to: Sleep Soundly

How To: Sleep Soundly. Tips for a good night's rest on Simple Medicine

Sleep is a critical part of health and wellness. I would argue that it’s up there with good nutrition and exercise. We take great care to watch what we eat and make sure we’re moving our bodies, but how much time do you spend on your sleep health?

Are you a bedtime instagrammer, twitterer or facebooker? Do you wake up and immediately check your phone? How do you spend the hour right before bed? Blogging? Watching TV? Meditating? All of the activities we engage in throughout the day, and right before bed, can influence sleep. A particularly busy day can leave you yearning for the pillow, while a stressful day can make sleep the hardest thing to do. Science is telling one clear thing about sleep: it matters. 

My college years were wrought with “how much sleep can I get away with?” These days, I take a much more grown up approach and ask myself “how to I make the most of my day and still get enough rest?” These are my tried and true tips to sleep soundly, every night:

1. Turn it Off

Your cell phone, laptop and TV have no place in your bed or bedroom. Reserve the hour before your usual bedtime for quiter, screen less activities. Connect with your partner, read a book, focus on your breathing or meditate. Research tells us that daytime and bedtime use of electronic devices impacts sleep by affecting sleep duration and the ability to fall asleep, leading to sleep deficiency.


2. Brew a Strong Cup

Of tea, that is. A bedtime ritual that involves a soothing tea like chamomile, lavender or lemon balm can get you in a sleepy mood. This can be especially helpful if [Read more…]