Meal Planning, Post Surgery

Matt is recovering nicely from his surgery….or he WAS recovering nicely from his surgery. Over the weekend he got food poisoning (!!!) and spent all day Sunday and part of Monday feeling awful. Seriously, he can’t catch a break. We still don’t know what caused his mysterious illness but I’m happy that he’s back to feeling better. He also had a follow up with his surgeon and he’s healing nicely.

On Saturday we took our pups to “WeenieFest.” As you can see they aren’t exactly weenie dogs, but the group was non discriminatory and we saw pups of all shapes and sizes. Elle and Cinder had a blast collecting treats, Frisbees and toys.


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Jojoba + Almond

DIY Jojoba + Almond Eye Make Up Remover || on Simple Medicine

I have always had an extensive make-up collection. In recent years it’s gotten smaller. I generally try to choose the better options when it comes to products but there are a couple of things I don’t compromise on, specifically eye liner and mascara (hello, push up bra for my face).

I used to have 2-3 palettes of eye shadow at any given time. These days I stick to one neutral and work appropriate palette by Urban Decay. Once I’m done with it, I’m going to switch over to a palette by one of my favorite brands: Tarte. I currently use their Amazonian Clay Foundation and I love it. If you haven’t checked them out yet, you must!

DIY Jojoba + Almond Eye Make Up Remover || on Simple Medicine

DIY Jojoba + Almond Eye Make Up Remover || on Simple Medicine

With a love for make-up comes a need for make-up remover. If you check out the long list of ingredients in most eye make-up removers, it’s easy to feel discouraged. It also doesn’t help when you wash your face with your guilt free glam cleanser and end up looking like a raccoon. My solution to all of this is a luxurious jojoba oil and almond oil make-up remover. [Read more...]

Inspiration Tuesday

My Tuesday needs a little inspiration…

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Cookies for Breakfast

The Breakfast Power Cookies || on Simple Medicine

There was a point in my life when my med school bestie and I had a running joke about eating cookies for breakfast. When you’re in a med school “situation,” cookies are sometimes a necessity for breakfast. You might be wondering what constitutes a med school “situation” and here’s the list:

  • clinic shifts and class from 8am to 9pm without a break for lunch
  • back to back to back exams
  • doing a project as a group project and then realizing that you kind of zoned out when the teacher said this was NOT a group project
  • skipping class to go for a run and missing the exam review
  • showing up for shift preview unprepared
  • forgetting your medical equipment at home/in your car/at the clinic

These are all real situations that may or may not have resulted in eating cookies for breakfast (once or twice). As much as I’m trying not to eat cookies for breakfast (or any other meal, really), there are some days that take me back to med school and I wish that I had my bestie and a big ole gluten free peanut butter cookie.

The Breakfast Cookie || on Simple Medicine

If I were to trade out my morning smoothie for a cookie, this would be it. This cookie is less cookie, cookie and more power cookie. It’s also seasonably appropriate since has both pumpkin AND pumpkin pie spice. The coconut and chocolate add a bit of sweetness and texture; the rolled oats make this cookie breakfast material. I used my favorite plant based protein to balance out the sweetness the chocolate chips and coconut bring to the table.

The Breakfast Cookie || on Simple Medicine

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