A Giraffe is a Girl’s Best Friend

I have loved giraffes forever. As long as I can remember.

I found this and now I love them more.


And for the record, I’ve read every single Roald Dahl book. My second grade self would have been head over heels for this poster.

Happy Spring!

  • http://iconadeironchi.com Vincenzi Gaia

    Hi from Italy =) I love your blog!! I’m using the Oxygen theme too. Please could you help me, how can I display the blog enlarging the posts section in home (hiding the second right column) like yours? many thanks in advance

    • http://simplemedicinecenter.wordpress.com Pre

      Italy! How exciting :) Hello to you! I have the following code in my CSS which has made the width of my posts larger:
      #content {

      Hope this helps you! Thanks for stopping by.

      • http://iconadeironchi.com Vincenzi Gaia

        thanks for your help! =)
        I suppouse I have to buy also the custom css to modify it.. is this correct? thanks in advance

        • http://simplemedicinecenter.wordpress.com Pre

          Yes, I have customized CSS :) — Sent from Mailbox for iPhone

          On Tue, Apr 23, 2013 at 1:28 AM, Simple Medicine