Spring has Sprung

Where has the time gone?

I guess with all the traveling I have been doing, it’s no surprise that Spring snuck up on me.

I just got back from a weekend in Atlanta, where I was able to spend some quality time with my favorite ladies: my mom, my sisters and my niece. Being back in Seattle makes my heart sad. I miss them so much.

My little sister, me, my mom and my older sister at the BAPS temple in Atlanta, GA.

I have lots I want to share, and hopefully the next few weeks will afford me the time to do so. I’m heading to DC in a few shorts weeks for the AANP’s annual DCFLI. I’ll be lobbying on Capitol Hill to increase awareness of Naturopathic Medicine and to work on furthering licensure of NDs. My hope is that access to Naturopathic medicine will eventually increase – something that everyone would benefit from [well, everyone but Big Pharma…].

Before I hop on another plane, I plan to enjoy all of the beautiful spring blossoms Seattle has been sharing.

The trees are blooming…

All of my favorite colors are found in nature.

Flower petals carpet the sidewalks

A taste of Tulips, more to come after I visit the Skagit Tulip Festival this weekend!

Happy Spring, my friends!

Simple Sunday

A beautiful sunny Sunday, preceded by beautiful, sunny Friday and Saturday. It has been an unexpectedly amazing weekend for weather.

Hopefully it will continue through the week!

Freshly baked bread with blackberry jam for breakfast.

Watching the sun go down after a beautiful day.

Stunning at dusk. That blue is incredible!

Catching up on Vitamin D

One of my favorite skin splurges. Introduced to me by my friend at The Green Pulse.

Happy Sunday!

Snowpocalypse turns to Icemageddon

Yes, I know. Snowpocalypse? Snowmageddon? SNOMG! Seattlites are hashtagging this storm to new levels. What can I say, I kinda like it.

Our snow storm, turn ice storm, turned snow storm once more has hit my neighborhood pretty hard (nearly 10 inches in the last 24 hours!).  My neighbor is currently traversing the neighborhood on skis (he seriously is). Will tomorrow bring a frozen tundra or the 44 degrees that are “forecasted” to melt the snow?

Time will tell. For now, more pictures of our epic snow week and another cup of coffee.

Frozen bridge to the Sammamish River Trail

Tree in my backyard

Iced branches

Snow covered Evergreens

103rd Ave

NE 187th Street

Stairway to my house

My last snow day cup of coffee (maybe not..)


Snowpocalypse 2012

Snowpocalypse 2012

Winter hides under a canopy of warm colors

All the leaves came down overnight
All that’s left is the shadow of what used to be